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A transvaginal mesh lawsuit is a lawsuit that claims compensation for complications arising from a transvaginal surgery. The surgery is a type of corrective surgery that is carried out on women as a corrective measure for a condition known as Female Genital Prolapse (FGP). This condition is characterized by parts of the vaginal canal protruding from the opening of the vagina. It usually occurs after a woman has given birth. The strain to the muscles forming the pelvic floor during childbirth can cause the muscles to herniate which leads to the collapse of the pelvic floor. FGP can also result from a hysterectomy or from age related menopause. This condition can also be caused by heavy lifting which tends to put a lot of strain on lower body muscles especially the pelvic floor. A transvaginal mesh, as the name suggests, is therefore a mesh that helps to support the pelvic floor preventing its collapse.

Despite transvaginal mesh surgery being a corrective surgery to correct a disruptive condition, complications do develop. The complications that might arise after the surgery will depend on the surgical approach to implanting the mesh. There are two approaches the first being surgically placing the mesh transvaginally by inserting it through the vagina. The second approach involves making a cut on the lower abdomen, just below the cervix, and then inserting the mesh through this. The first approach is much simpler and therefore the more popular one. This also makes it the surgical method that develops the most complications. The complications that can arise include vaginal perforation, weakened vaginal walls and infection.

Transvaginal mesh lawsuits help women get compensation for the pain and suffering associated with the condition. The lawsuit is can be against medical practitioners for incorrectly carrying out the surgery. However, it usually targets the manufacturers of the defective mesh used in failed surgeries. Manufacturers are sued on several grounds such as the grounds mentioned below:-

1.A manufacturer actively mislabeling the FDA, medical establishment and the complainant of the safety and effectiveness of their mesh products.

2. The failure of a manufacturer to conduct thorough research to determine possible risks to using the manufacturer’s mesh products.

3.Failure of the manufacturer to define effective methods for the removal of the transvaginal mesh without causing further complications.

4.The failure of manufacturers to warn patients of potential complications that may affect the patient after the surgery.

The reason why a transvaginal lawsuit has a high chance of success is mainly due to the fact that defects in popular mesh products were previously unknown. However the recent raise in the number of transvaginal lawsuits have indicated that information on the health risks had been intentionally withheld. The compensation from these lawsuits is now in the tens of millions as witnessed with the awarding of a plaintiff with over $11.11 million. This means that as long as a complainant has a good lawyer, winning a lawsuit is almost inevitable.There is no better place to find the right lawyers for a transvaginal mesh lawsuit that at

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